Environment & ESG

Read more about our environmental, social and governance activities.

How Danpal reduces CO2

Together with our customers and partners, we are constantly trying to find the best possible solutions, and fortunately, good business and CO2 reductions go hand in hand.

Danpal ESG

Together with our partners, Danpal is focused on protecting the environment, taking social responsibility & calculating climate impact.


Danpals Climate Action

There are many intitiatives at Danpal aimed at improving our overall climate account.


Danpals SDG's

Danpal works with four sustainable development goals. Click here to read more about our specific initiatives.


Social Impact

It’s in our DNA to run a proper business - at every level. And we have a proud tradition of being socially responsible.



Danpal works together with a number of public and private actors. Contact us if you’re interested in a collaboration.