Transport & Distribution

Transport & distribution are the prerequisites for efficient logistics that minimise inventory levels and optimise production.

The key to success is individual solutions that account for your specific needs – and the environment.

Transport is necessary, but it is also expensive and leaves a big carbon footprint. This is why we spend a lot of time finding smarter solutions that benefit both you and the environment.

EURO 6 Standard

Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

We work together with our carriers to avoid driving in heavy traffic. For example, if pallets need to be delivered to Hillerød, the driver will set off from our production site in Faxe at 04:15 to avoid any traffic jams on the motorway towards Copenhagen.

Making a plan to avoid traffic jams is essential to reducing CO2 emissions.

Danish drivers

We only work with Danish-speaking drivers who know our customers well. In many places, they are entrusted with a key and password for when they deliver pallets outside regular opening hours.

We know from our customers that the service our drivers provide makes a difference. 

Return transport

When we schedule a delivery, there may be room left on the truck. We will use that available space for other deliveries to the same geographic area. As we also provide pick-ups, these will be done on our way back. Our objective is to reach 60% return transports and we are close to hitting that target.


In order to optimise transport, we have provided our customers with Danpal trailers. Our customers can fill those trailers with the specialty pallets that they no longer need on an ongoing basis.  When we deliver a new batch of pallets, that trailer is emptied and replaces the trailer that is now full of used speciality pallets, which we then take with us.

Reusing specialty pallets

In order to minimise transport and costs, we sometimes deliver pallets to our customer’s subcontractors.

The subcontractor then uses the pallet to deliver products for our joint customer and the pallet is reused for their final delivery.

Do what you do best. Leave the pallets to us!

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