New specialty pallets

We design and produce pallets to your exact specifications at our own production facility in Faxe. We outline your needs and, together with you, we find the optimal solution.

Danpal guarantees:

High security of supply

Our long-standing relationships with suppliers, such as sawmills, guarantees that pallets are always delivered as agreed.

High quality assurance

We carry out quality assurance on each pallet, use Scandinavian wood with narrow tree rings and PEFC-certified composite blocks.


We are FSC-certified and certified to carry out ISPM 15 heat treatment.

Watch the video to get an in-depth look at our pallet production.

A novel pallet solution

We have more than 40 years’ experience in pallets and logistics – and our customers benefit from it every day.

Contact us and let’s find a solution that works for you.

What do you get when you buy a pallet from Danpal?

Specialty pallets are manufactured according to unique needs and measurements. We produce more than 100 different pallet types and sizes.


The ISPM-15 certification ensures that the wood used to produce the pallet has been heat treated so it can be used to ship goods to different continents

Danpal is certified to carry out ISPM-15 heat treatment with licence number DK8007.

Our pallets are made using wood from responsible forestry and is FSC-certified. Danpal is also FSC-certified.

Heat treatment

All purchased wood has been heat-treated in accordance with ISPM 15. This means that the wood has been heated to 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. The purpose of the heat treatment is to kill dangerous woodworms. Woodworms can have natural enemies in one part of the world but not in another. The spread of woodworms has resulted in, among other things, the destruction of 50% of Canada’s forests

Scandinavian Wood

We purchase Scandinavian wood from the middle areas of Norway and Sweden where the climate is cold and the annual tree growth is significantly lower than in Denmark. This means that the tree rings are closer together and that the wood is considerably stronger than wood of similar dimensions in Denmark, southern Sweden or Eastern Europe, for example.

Composite pallet blocks

The number of pallet blocks required depends on the size of the pallet. In order to reduce CO2 emissions and produce a stronger pallet, we only use composite blocks manufactured by EUROBLOK, which is PEFC-certified.

Security of Supply

We guarantee security of supply for our contracted customers. We can do so because we enter into half-year contracts with sawmills, which ensure delivery of wood. In addition to that, we have surplus stock of pallet wood in storage in Faxe. Finally, we have a number of agreements with customers guaranteeing that we have ready-to-use pallets in stock, available for immediate delivery.

Quality assurance

For Danpal quality is a mark of honour. This means that we provide the correct product, at the exact time and in the exact amount agreed upon. Our quality assurance system has been implemented throughout the entire organisation. This is your guarantee that we will identify any products that do not meet our quality requirements and that your pallet is 100% in working order.


Specialty pallets are usually only used once. That’s a shame, and we are working on changing that. As a company, we make sure that pallets in good working order or that can be repaired are used again. Pallets that are defective or that have measurements that cannot be sold will be chipped. The wood is then used by a CHP plant and the nails are remelted.

Danpal - Truck læsser lastbil

Carefully selected suppliers

We are very meticulous about selecting our suppliers and we place great demands on quality, security of supply and competitive prices.

And once a supplier has made it through the needle’s eye, we are loyal partners. Our biggest suppliers are the ones that supply us with the raw materials used in the pallets, such as nails, blocks and wood.

We have worked with a number of craftsmen and technical companies for many years, which helps ensure that our production runs smoothly.