Many of our customers use plywood boards to package their final products on pallets. See your options below.


Plywood packaging is made by glueing together thin sheets of veneer depending on the required thickness. They differ in quality from the plywood boards used in construction and knotholes can occur.

WBP plywood packaging is FSC® certified which means the wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

Product range

The thickness and strength requirements of plywood boards can vary. We provide boards between 9 mm to 20 mm in thickness and cut to the exact measurements you require.


Plywood boards are often used on the top of the pallet, so the goods can be packaged without needing to take into account the gaps between the deckboards.

In some cases, a plywood board is also placed on top of the goods prior to wrapping the pallet in shrink plastic. This helps avoid damage to the finished goods if the pallet is stacked during transport.

Plywood boards to package finished goods?

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