Danpal has developed a unique concept for retailers. A concept that ensures an optimal process and considerable financial savings for all parties.


Today’s challenges:

  • Millions of DKK are wasted on pallets each year.

  • Many administrative resources are used on pallet accounts.

  • Truck drivers and sorting staff that only spend their time handling and sorting pallets.

  • Many businesses have invested millions of kroner in sorting systems that are expensive to operate and that too often classify pallets as defective if there is plastic or paper stuck to it, for example. And that is costly.

  • Terminals are packed with pallets and this can hinder effective internal logistics.

  • Disagreements with producers concerning the quality of exchange pallets.

Danpal’s solution:

  • Danpal ensures that the terminals are emptied of single-use pallets and EUR pallets daily, and that pallets are sorted and restored.


Today’s challenges:

  • Have made clear that they charge a fee for handling exchange pallets.

  • Refuse to bring empty pallets on return trips from international transports.

  • Exchange pallets often mean a less efficient utilization of the vehicle’s volume, as exchange pallets often take up 2-3 pallet spots.

Danpal’s solution:

  • No longer accept exchange pallets from retail, only deliver the goods.


Today’s challenges:

  • The quality of pallets returned by retailers and carriers is very mixed.

  • Increased use of high-tech palletising equipment and automated stocks means increased requirements for pallet quality.

  • All return pallets must be sorted.

  • Defective pallets will need to be sold or repaired externally.

  • Pallet management is a big expense and is being outsourced to an increasing extent.

Danpal’s solution:

  • Receive a digital credit voucher for the number of pallets delivered to retailers.

  • The certificate can be redeemed at Danpal, and the manufacturer can then plan the pick-up of receivable pallets as necessary.

Everyone benefits:

  • Retail

    Focus on the core business. Tens of millions saved on staff, reduced wastage, better internal logistics and improved relationship between manufacturer and carriers.

  • Carriers

    Carriers lose millions of kroner on wastage and handling pallets. Many try to charge a fee for handling pallets, but it rarely covers the actual costs. Many carriers would probably welcome a pallet return system.

  • Manufacturers

    Can save millions of kroner on wastage and handling of pallets since Danpal guarantees that the pallets they receive are in good condition and can be reused.

How much does it cost?

It costs a lot of money to use EUR pallets to distribute goods. The pallet will be exposed to wear and tear, and some will break. It costs money to sort pallets and to ensure that pallets are returned to the manufacturer in good condition.

The manufacturer will therefore need to pay to receive return pallets that have been readied and that are in good condition.

The size of this fee can be discussed, but DKK 12.00 should cover the cost of handling, sorting and restoring a single pallet. This price also includes cleaning of the pallet.

The manufacturer will have an additional cost for having the pallet returned to the production site. This cost is normally between DKK 2.00 – 6.00.

The total cost of using a pallet will therefore be between DKK 14.00 -18.00, which is cheap.

If a single-use pallet had been used, the cost would be between DKK 60.00 – 80.00.

Another alternative is pool pallets, but that is far more expensive. It is also irresponsible with regard to CO2.

Negotiation with the manufacturer

The implementation of a new pallet return system will require a negotiation with manufacturers. We expect that manufacturers will welcome this change.

Pallet database

Updated electronically by retailers. The retailer will then be able to check their pallet account with all manufacturers and with Danpal at any time.

The retailer will be able to see all transactions within a given period.

Many of the biggest manufacturers in Denmark are already customers of Danpal. We are therefore able to settle pallet debt without needing to move pallets from one location to another. The database also lets the manufacturer check their pallet accounts with the retailer online.

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