Outsource your pallet management

Here at Danpal we believe that you should do what you do best. You can therefore safely leave your pallet management in the hands of Danpal and spend more time and resources on generating value for your customers.

Leave your company’s pallet management in our hands

Danpal handles pallets for a large number of companies, but the solution is always tailored to the needs of each individual company, for example:

  • Storage: Many companies use entire warehouses just to store their pallets. By letting Danpal store them for you, you can achieve significant financial savings by reducing rent costs and truck expenses, etc.

  • Sorting and restoration: Requires a lot of space and many trucks. The quality of sorted pallets can vary greatly as well, as it usually requires several different employees to sort the pallets.

  • Let us handle your pallets in the off-season: If your company experiences seasonal variations, Danpal can take over your pallet management during the off-season and then return it to you during your busy season. This will also free up any capital that would otherwise be tied up in a large amount of empty pallets.

  • Leave the hassle to us: By outsourcing the management of your pallets to Danpal, you also outsource management of any disputes with customers, suppliers or carriers regarding the quality of pallets that are delivered or returned.

Do what you do best. Leave the pallets to us.

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Skip the hassle - leave the pallets to Danpal

Many companies have experienced that the quality of the pallets they receive is often much better than the quality of the pallets returned. Skip the hassle and let Danpal take full responsibility for the quality of the pallets.

Danpal has many years of experience in sorting, managing and restoring pallets, and some of the biggest companies in Denmark are our customers.

Contact us and let’s find a solution that works for you.