We buy your pallets

Danpal is always in the market to buy pallets and pallet collars.

The price we can offer depends on condition and quantity of pallets and whether you want us to pick them up or drop them off yourself.

Drop off

You can always come by during our opening hours in both Karlslunde and Vamdrup to sell your pallets.

The pallets will be counted and the agreed amount will be transferred to your bank account.

Pick up

There are two options if you would like us to pick up your pallets:

  • We make an offer based on the number of pallets we pick up.

  • We pick up a load of pallets and then sort them at our automated sorting facility. We then pay you based on the result of the sorting.

Pick up usually requires a minimum of 100 pallets as the freight cost would otherwise exceed the value of the pallets.

Examples of pallets we buy:

EUR light

EUR dark

EUR defective dark

1/1 Pallet collars 1200×800 mm

1/2 Pallet collars 800×600 mm