Pallet exchange

Several large logistical services in Denmark charge a fee between DKK 10-20 for exchanging EUR pallets that are going abroad. Learn about Danpal’s alternatives below:

1: Sales of EUR-pallets to Danpal

Danpal purchases the pallet that is used to transport goods to the customer’s address. For example, if 500 pallets have been sent to a customer, the customer can then contact Danpal who then purchases and picks up the 500 pallets – even abroad.

  • The price will vary according to location and the number of pallets that can be picked up per trip.
  • Danpal has a price matrix, so the sales price of the pallet is always known.

  • Danpal has a price matrix, so the sales price of the pallet is always known.

  • This concept is offered to customers in Denmark and Sweden.

2: Collection and return of pallet

In Denmark, Danpal can pick up the manufacturer’s pallets at the customer’s location. The pallets are then brought to one of Danpal’s terminals where they are sorted and restored.

If some of the pallets are damaged, we also offer to repair the pallets before they are returned. The solution is also attractive if there is a large number of pallets to be picked up at each address.

3: Other pallet types

For smaller customers, the transport costs of picking up pallets will be too high. In such cases, it is worth considering whether using a cheaper pallet in an EUR-pallet size might be an option.

Danpal has a wide range of both new and second-hand pallets that may be good alternatives. For example, we have second-hand single use EUR pallets in size 800 x 1200 for a third of the price of a new EUR pallet.

Do what you do best. Leave the pallets to us.

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