EUR/ Exchange pallets

Exchange pallets are wooden pallets that are made to be used again and again. The most common pallets are the EUR pallet measuring 800 x 1200 mm and the DS half pallet measuring 600 x 800 mm.

EUR Pallets


  • We only sell new EUR pallets that are produced by approved quality manufacturers.

  • We also provide heat treatment for used or new EUR pallets.

  • We are licenced by EPAL to repair EUR pallets.

  • We are licenced by the Danish Ministry for Environment and Food to heat treat EUR pallets.


Exchange pallets

  • The EUR pallet is an international exchange pallet that is primarily used in Europe.

  • The idea behind exchange pallets is that when you use a pallet to deliver goods, you are entitled to have an empty pallet returned to you.

  • The difference is usually settled using a pallet account. This means that you build up a balance which is then offset by collecting a full load (561 pallets).

  • It’s good for the environment and minimises packaging costs.

  • EUR pallets are the cheapest way to reuse packaging.



  • EUR pallets are produced using strong materials and each pallet can bear up to 1.5 tonnes.

  • Three fully loaded pallets can be stacked on top of each other (a total of 4.5 tonnes).

  • You can see the specifications of EUR pallets by clicking here.

DS half-pallets


The DS half-pallet is primarily produced in Denmark, although licences have been granted to a few manufacturers in the Baltic countries. The DS half-pallet is made using the same strong materials as the EUR pallet.

Exchange pallets

The DS half-pallet is a Danish exchange pallet that is only used within the Danish return system. The pallet is very popular within the retail sector where it can often be found inside the store itself.


The DS half-pallet uses the same wood thickness as the EUR pallets and is very strong. Like the EUR pallet, it can carry up to 1.5 tonnes.

Danpal: World-class reuse

EUR pallets are often stored outside when they are empty. This means that they get wet, which causes the wood to expand. Once the wood is dry, it shrinks. However, the nails don’t, and the pallet therefore becomes limp and loses its strength. This is why an EUR pallet, on average, only circulates approx. eight times during its lifespan.

In connection with the sorting and restoration process at Danpal, the pallet is not only cleaned but also compressed to ensure that there are no nail heads sticking out from the deckboards and to ensure that the pallet regains its load-bearing strength.

If all EUR pallets were subjected to Danpal’s process, the life expectancy of a single pallet could increase to over 24 reuses. This would reduce the carbon footprint by 300%, and would make pallets even more cost-effective.

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