QR codes & RFID chip tracking

Would you like to keep track of where your pallets are? Then read more bellow.


  • QR codes can easily be fitted or printed visibly on a pallet.

  • This identifies the pallet in the same way as an RFID chip.

  • The advantage of using a QR marking is that almost every part of the distribution chain has a scanner, and can readily identify goods and other data.

  • The disadvantages are that (1) each QR code needs to be scanned manually, which is very time-consuming and (2) there is a risk that the code may “fall off” or be removed from the pallet.


  • You can purchase blocks that are embedded with an RFID chip.
  • This means that a pallet is identifiable from the moment it is produced using a chipped block.

  • Afterwards, it is possible to link a specific product to the pallet and follow the pallet during transport.

  • The advantage of this type of tracking is that the code is automatically registered when the pallet passes through an RFID scanner.

  • The disadvantage is that RFID scanners are not widely used in the distribution chain.

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