Social Impact

Social responsibility is part of our DNA. Read more about our initiatives and see why Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest invested in Danpal.

Specific initiatives

  • We have invested in the automation of work processes in Karlslunde and Vamdrup and can offer our employees some of the best working conditions in the industry.

  • We try to avoid occupational injuries and we monitor the injuries that do occur so we can make sure they do not happen again.

  • We have taken out collective health insurance for all our employees.

  • There is a trusting and positive tone at the company and our values are ingrained throughout.

  • A masseuse visits our Karlslunde location twice a month and employees can receive free treatment – on the clock.

  • Several of our employees come from the perimeter of the labour market and we work together with the municipality to live up to our social responsibilities.

  • We have very low staff turnover and high employee satisfaction.