Danpal’s Climate Action

Together with our customers and partners, Danpal always works towards finding optimal solutions that benefit business and the environment.

Specific initiatives

  • 96% of the second-hand and defective pallets that we receive return to circulation.

  • We prepare CO2 emission accounts for several of our customers

  • In collaboration with the consultancy firm Viegand Maagøe, we continuously strive towards reducing our carbon footprint.

  • We also work systematically to reduce the climate footprint of our own production, and we participated in the Confederation of Danish Industry project “Climate-ready SME” 

  • Based on our agreement with Ørsted, all the electricity we use comes from wind turbines.

  • In Fakse, we use wood peelings to heat our premises.

  • We prepare environmental statements for Haldor Topsøe, Novo and Novozymes when we deliver new pallet
  • We are good at waste separation.
  • On Zealand, any tree leftover after repairs is turned into briquettes by our collaboration partner.

  • In Jutland, reprocessing is carried out by a collaboration partner (Marius Petersen) and is then used for district heating.

  • All our transport and distribution collaboration partners use Euro 6 standard trucks, which meet the latest emission limits
  • All new trucks are electrical.