Danpals SDGs

Danpal always has the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind, and we are actively working with four of them. Read more about our specific initiatives and growing ambitions below.


8. Decent Work & Economic Growth

We provide employment at above-market wages. In a sector where health and safety at work is not a matter of course, we have used automation to eliminate most heavy lifting and strenuous work tasks.

We want to help generate economic growth for both Danpal and society as a whole. We take responsibility for retaining our employees, even during periods where our labour needs are reduced.


9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastrcture

We have used innovation to remove arduous and repetitive tasks in our production. We must continue this innovation process in collaboration with our customers and employees.

Proper infrastructure is vital for the optimal exploitation of the world’s limited resources. We actively promote the use of MEGA trucks by our suppliers. MEGA trucks can halve CO2 emissions in connection with transport


12. Responsible Consumption & Production

70% of Danpal’s activities are aimed at re-use. 96% of second-hand and defective wooden pallets that we receive are restored and sent back into circulation. We make sure that all materials used in our production are recycled. 


13. Climate action

There are major climate changes taking place these years, and they are happening fast. Danpal wants to make an active effort here and now to combat these changes. We are taking responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible, for both ourselves and the products we deliver to our customers